Toledo is source of creative inspiration, home to artists and craftsmen who have managed to promote this historical legacy given by the different cultures that have lived in this imperial city. This diversity of techniques and knowledge, has provided autonomy and exoticism to our Toledo crafts, distinctive mark of the city, with an unprecedented artistic wealth that converges today with innovation and cutting-edge design.

Under this backdrop, masters and professionals of great craft vocation, with a passion for Toledo as a whole and its arts and crafts in particular, joined in 1978 to start the manufacturing activity of the world famous “Toledo damascene”. That was the momento when “MIDAS” is born, Brand inspired by this mythical king of Phrygia, who Dionysus granted him the power to turn everything he touched into gold. Our Toledo damascene enjoy great prestige and recognition worldwide

Creative and avant-garde capacity is our identity, and is reflected in all new families of product that we launched on the market gradual and regularly. So, from the beginning we have been combining, implementing and adapting different materials in the manufacturing process (noble metals, precious and semiprecious stones, crystal, glass-Czech, ivory, etc.), allowing us to offer consumers original products withe great quality and beauty, that are very successful in the market. This creative development combined with internationally renowned brands products, allows us to create exclusive and licensed product lines (See Zippos damascened).

Since the early ’80s, we have been conducting negotiations with the film world, signing trade agreements and obtain licenses to manufacture and distribute products of large film productions. In particular, we highlight the most important licensed reproductions of knives, swords in miniature, jewelry of Conan, Gladiator, 300, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

We also emphasize among our production lines and within this world of collectors items, the great family of miniature swords of highly successful and demand, within you can find reproductions of historical figures, legend, fantasy, etc.

All above is what defines DyD Toledo, that today is guarantee of quality, originality and exclusivity. It is a great pleasure to introduce our extensive product catalogue, which we hope will be of great interest to you.