Marto Group is known to all as a leader in the manufacture of swords, but not just a factory of swords, if not a group of companies that collect different lines of manufacturing and marketing, for the major crafts of the World as we reckon flagship Toledo craft.

Garza Castellana, one of the brands of the group of companies, young and modern, in their extensive catalog includes major crafts of the world, original products to suit all tastes and ages, with exclusive distribution of products complements the rest of the group of companies. One of the priority objectives of the brand Garza Castellana has been and is continuing and sustained search for new products, the result of our research and market demand.

One of the priority objectives of the brand Garza Castellana has been and is still today the sustained search for new products, as result of our research and market demand..

Certificado-Templarios-2Between 1108 and 1118 there were founded three orders of religious – military character to help and to protect the pilgrims who were going to the Holy Lands: the order of the Poor knight of Christ, known later as the Order of the Templar, the Order of the Hospitable of San Juan from Jerusalem, and the Order of the Hospitable Teutonic.

The Templars Monks – soldiers: Guardians of the Faith, Guardians of the Holy Land, and Guardians of the Men. This order of religious – military character was founded in Jerusalem in 1118 by nine knight, with the official denomination of “order of the Poor knight of Christ “, later they are known by the “knight of Salomon’s Temple” (Templar), denomination arisen after establishing themselves in Salomon’s ancient temple.

simple-templar-standardThe Pope Inocencio II recognized the order of the Templar in the year 1139. The stamp of the Templar, emblem of the order; two knights mounted in the same horse represent the double vocation of the order, religious and military. With an inscription in Latin that says “sigilum militum Xpisti” (Stamp Of Christ’s militia).

The clothing of the Templar, as their flags and banners, was using the white colour (symbol of their religious vocation) and a cross of broad arms and red colour in the centre of their chest.

This symbol represents four elements (the arms) and the “quintessence” (the centre). Vermilion cross granted by the Pope Eugenio III in 1147 in order to this sign was using as shield and was keeping them firm in the fight against the unfaithful person.

The diffusion and the knowledge of this Cross of the Templar did not have borders, spread all over the world, and was used by Christopher Columbus in his discovery trips as symbol in “the three Caravels”.

simple-santiago-standardORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF St. JAMES Following the example of the Templar knights, about the year 1158, a group of thirteen Castilian knights decided to do vote of protecting the pilgrims who were going to Santiago de Compostela. Some years later, in 1171, the knights decided to take monastic votes under San Agustin’s rule, and later they obtain the recognition of the Pope Alexander III.

Their purposes were exclusively military having their headquarters in Montalbán (Aragon). The knights of Santiago only admitted nobles into their brotherhood. From the middle of the XIIIth century the Crown was intervening directly in the appointment of the grand masters and from 1485 the Order Grand Master was the king.

simple-teutonic-standardORDER OF THE TEUTONIC KNIGHTS The tradition associates to the foundation of the Order the establishment of a German hospital in Jerusalem. About 1191, the Pope recognizes them as religious order under the name of Hospital of Saint Mary of the Germans from Jerusalem. In a beginning it was of medical and charitable character, but in 1198 it assumes also a military character. It is at this time when born the Order of the Teutonic knights.

simple-hospitalario-standardTHE HOSPITALLER KNIGHTS The Order of the Hospital of San Juan from Jerusalem has its origins about the year 1070, when a group of Italian merchants construct a hospital in Jerusalem for the attention to the pilgrims. When grows the popularity of the templar, the Hospitable needs to change to warrior monks to be able to get the donations that were receiving the Military Orders, though they never left their welfare and charitable functions. In 1306 they invaded the island of Rhodes establishing there their headquarters. Later they moved to the island of Malta, where they continued supporting the independence of their state and passed to be known as ” The knights of Malta “.

simple-standard-calatravoTHE KNIGHTS OF CALTRAVAS ORDER Military – religious order been founded on Castile, on the XIIth century, for the Abbot Don Raimundo de Fitero, with the initial aim to protect Calatrava villa (near the current Ciudad Real). To the death of the Abbot, the new grand master, don García adopted the Cistercian rule and the Pope recognized the same year the order. In the year 1212, Calatrava order was one of the most powerful of Castile. From 1254 the monarch influenced the election of the grand masters and from 1476 he took the direct control of the order. Calatrava Cross, emblem of the order is a Greek cross of gules with fluer-de-lises in the tops.