The Samurai is a sequel to the “saburai” known as the imperial palace guards carrying swords, enjoyed the patronage of a lord.

This mini-sword is made by Marto-TOLEDO, backed with the guarantee certificate and origin “Made in Toledo”.

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The Samurai is a sequel to the “saburai” known as the imperial palace guards carrying swords, enjoyed the patronage of a lord to whom he served and provided them with the necessary equipment. Originally these warriors were merely mercenaries in the service of the emperor and noble clans, however, managed to amass the power to finally usurp the command of the emperor and establish the first government ruled by the samurai. The boom came during the “Kamakura shogunate”.

The samurai were governed by a strict ethical code known as delBushido code. In him the honor and faithfulness to his master containing the highest values of a samurai. They must be completely faithful to the emperor, even if it means giving his own life. In fact, a test that the emperor was the samurai who distrusted, was ordering suicide. Also they kept some roads called “paths of spiritual sword”, because the samurai sword was considered his own soul, if this was touched by another bushi-if only by accident-this was not a duel inevitable, now if the person committing such an error was not of the nobility, this meant immediate death at the hands of the owner of the sword.

At age 15, in a ceremony known as Genpuku, the child received a name Adult and became samurai. This entitled him to carry a katana, but commonly was secured with ropes to prevent accidental unsheathing. Katana and wakizashi (sword katana smaller than that used as auxiliary weapon), served both to protect the honor of his carrier, like to run elSeppuku together were known as daisho, which means, literally, big and small. Being complicated subject with ties to avoid accidental unsheathing, was due to the belief that a katana carrier was a gentleman giver of life and death, if a katana unsheathed was to be used, and it was said that the soul of a katana claimed a victim in compensation “have awakened” (naked).

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